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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Warwick Arms and Spirit Vaults

Named from the various Earls of Warwick who have owned land in many places.
In 1861 this pub was advertised to let, described as being ' on the corner of Much Park Street, Jordan Well, Coventry '

Thanks for the following excerpt from the "Historic Coventry" Forum, poster Annwiggy;
In September 1862 John Thurman of The Warwick Arms, Jordan Well advertised, he begged to inform his friends that in making great alterations in fitting up his large room he will give a case of specimens of natural history to his friends on every Saturday night until Christmas. His advertising did not do him much good as in 1863 The Warwick Arms in Jordan Well, an old established public House was advertised to let. In November 1863 the license was transferred to David Smith.
Known Licensees are;
1845 T. Breen
1850 James White
1851 - 1858 Martha White
1862 John Thurman
1863 David Smith (see also at the Vampire, Jordan Well in 1868)
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Dict PN From the various Earls of Warwick, who owned land in many different places.

1832 JA140 ......100 members dined at the Watwick Arms - excellent diner provided by Mr Lake

1845 JA34 Mentioned by Wilson at 47 Jordan Well

5.10.1858 JA140 Sale of the pub on the premises, Warwick Arms, Jordan Well, in the occupation of Mrs White

10.2.1860 JA133 Sale by auction at premises, 6 Jordan Well, opposite Much Park Street, late the Warwick Arms

4.10.1861 JA56 CH&O To be let
Warwick Arms, corner of Much Park Street, Jordan Well, Coventry

17.9.1862 JA133 John Thurman, Warwick Arms, Jordan Well, giving away natural history specimens every Saturday night until Christmas.

5.10.1862 JA133 To be let
Warwick Arms, corner of Much Park Street and Jordan Well

13.5.1863 JA133 & 137 Transfer of license, Warwick Arms, Bayley Lane, from John Thurman to Joseph Davis
John Thurman, bankrupt, obtained his discharge

13.5.1863 JA137 John Thurman, supported by Mr Smallbone, obtained his discharge
( from bankruptcy ).

15.5.1863 JA133 John Thurman now lodging at the house of Joseph Davis of the Warwick Arms Inn, Jordan Well.

11.11.1863 JA133 & 137 Transfer of license of Warwick Arms, Jordan Well from John Thurman to David Smith

1863 Source 55 The Warwick Arms in Jordan Well an old established public house to let.



No James White nor Breen in the area in 1841 Census, but William White ( 25, weaver ) and family in Jordan Well; Hannah White ( 25, filler ) with Mary Collingbourne in Much Park Street and William White ( 60, cordwainer ) with Sarah White in Jordan Well.

1845 Kelly T. Breen Earl Street
1850 CS James White
1850 Lascelles James White
1851 Census Martha White 35 yo b Bristol licensed victualler & Elizabeth Sarah, daughter, 15 & James Hogan, 60, tailor, at Earl Street ( possible No 60 ). No James White in the area in 1851.
1862 JA133 John Thurman
1863 JA133 & 137 John Thurman
1863 JA133 & 137 Joseph Davis
1863 JA133 & 137 David Smith

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