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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Sir Thomas White Hotel


Statue to Sir Thomas White, 1492-1566, clothier and one time Lord Mayor of London. In 1542 he founded a charity to benefit the poor of Coventry, which still helps young people in the city to this day.


Sir Thomas White (1492 - 1566) was a principal member of the guild of Merchant Taylors, he served as Sheriff of London in 1547, and was elected Lord Mayor of London in 1553. He was knighted in the same year by Queen Mary I. He was a member of the commission for the trial of Lady Jane Grey.

He was subsequently the founder of St. John's College, Oxford, and used his prosperity as a clothworker to benefit nearly thirty cities and towns throughout England in at least some of which his trade had probably been particularly extensive. One such town was Coventry which, to rescue it from its 'great ruin and decay', he enabled by a gift of £1,400 to buy in 1542 a large amount of former priory property in and near the town. He bought Whitefriars Monastery in Coventry at the dissolution to use as a private residence and he endowed charities locally.

In 1852 a new license was granted for this pub.

In 1898 the pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 21 years for £45 per annum plus a £95 bonus from J. Warden of Walsgrave on Sowe. There was a clause allowing the purchase of the pub during the term of the lease for £2,800. In 1919 they did, in fact, buy the pub. It closed in 1968.

Known Licensees are;
1852 John Smith
1868 Thomas Cole
1871 William Hutt, trimming manufacturer & licenses victualler
1874 William Holt
1879 George Rice
1886 - 1891 C. L. Smith
1893 - 1896 Benjamin Haymes
1899 - 1910 Henry Joseph Sadler
1914 - 1922 Frederick Wilson Foster
1924 - 1927 D. E. Taylor
1929 Mrs. F. Taylor
1931 - 1932 S. Moore
1935 - 1940 H. V. Morris
1958 A. Ward
1959 Thomas Downing

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DICT PN A wealthy citizen of London ( 1492 - 1566 ) who became lord mayor of London in 1553. He founded St John's college, Oxford and was one of the founders of the Merchant Taylor's School. He bought Whitefriars monastery at the dissolution.

27.8.1852 JA16 CS New license granted to John Smith

24.3.1876 JA114 CH&O Transfer of license from Alfred Fielding to Henry Beck

28.8.1878 LJ Vol1 P12 SIR THOMAS WHITE, Norton Street Alehouse
Owner : John Smith, White Street
Licensee : Walter Cooke
9.11.1878 TOL to Zachariah Wheatley
14.8.1879 TOL to George Rice
3.11.1881 TOL to John Smith
6.8.1883 TOL to Charles Lovell Smith
28.7.1892 TOL to Benjamin Haymes
7.3.1899 TOL to Henry Joseph Sadler

1887 COC Cov Times Inn signs

29.8.1898 P&M PR Leased by Phillips & Marriott for 21 years for £45 & £95 bonus = £140. Owner J. Warden, Walsgrave on Sowe. Purchasing clause for £ 2800

29.9.1919 P&M PR Purchased by Phillips & Marriott

c1929 CWL P30 Photo

1968 JA16 Closed


1852 JA16 CS John Smith

1863 JA24 Thomas Cole

1868 Buchanan Thomas Cole

1871 Census William Hutt 40 yo trimming manufacturer licensed victualler

1874 C&B William Holt [ b Coventry m Mary, 33 & 1d, 1 servant
1876 JA114 CH&O Alfred Fielding

1876 JA114 CH&O Henry Beck

1878 LJ Vol1 P12 Walter Cooke
1878 LJ Vol1 P12 Zachariah Wheatley
1879 LJ Vol1 P12 Zachariah Wheatley
1879 LJ Vol1 P12 George Rice
1879 Stevens George Rice
1881 LJ Vol1 P12 George Rice
1881 LJ Vol1 P12 John Smith
1881 C&B Licensee not named
1883 LJ Vol1 P12 John Smith
1883 LJ Vol1 P12 Charles Lovell Smith
1886 C&B C. L. Smith

1890/91 C&B C. L. Smith
1892 LJ Vol1 P12 Charles Lovell Smith
1892 LJ Vol1 P12 Benjamin Haymes
1893 Reporter Benjamin Haymes

1894 R&G B. Haymes

1896 R&G B. Haymes
1899 LJ Vol1 P12 Benjamin Haymes
1899 LJ Vol1 P12 Henry Joseph Sadler

8.2.1899 P&M PR Henry Joseph Sadler

1903 R&G H. J. Sadler

1905 R&G Henry Joseph Sadler

1909 R&G H. J. Sadler

1.6.1910 P&M PR Henry Joseph Sadler new agreement

25.3.1914 P&M PR Frederick William Foster

1919 Spennell F. W. Foster hotel

1921/22 Spennell F. W. Foster "

1924 P. James D. E. Taylor "

1926/27 P. James D. E. Taylor "

1929 P. James Mrs F. Taylor "

1931/32 P. James S. Moore

1933/34 P. James Licensee not named

1935/36 P. James H. V. Morris

1937/38 P. James H. V. Morris

1939/40 P. James H. V. Morris

1958 JA16 A. Ward

1959 JA16 Thomas Downing

1962 Barrett Licensee not named


1878 LJ Vol1 P12 John Smith, White Street
1898 LJ Vol1 P12 John Smith, White Street
1898 P&M PR J. Warden

1919 P&M PR Phillips & Marriott

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