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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.
map of coventry 1937
Saint George   Gosford Street link
Saint Patrick   Muchford Street link
Salutation   2 London Road link
Samoan Joe's Tiki Bar   Spon Street link
Samson and Lion   15 Swanswell Place link
Saracens Head   ??? link
Saracens Head   Bishop Street link
Saracens Head   Tamworth Road, Corley Ash link
Saracens Head   Hawkesbury link
Saracens Head   Longford Road link
Saracens Head   Much Park Street link
Scirebourne   Eastern Green Lane link
Sea Horse   69 New Street link
Seven Stars   Midsford Street link
Seven Stars   17 St. Johns Street link
Seven Stars   St Michaels Parish link
Seven Stars Inn   Whitley link
Shakespeare   18 Spon Street link
Shakespeare's Head   Much Park Street link
Shamrock   42 Sherbourne Street link
Shamrock   Well Street link
Shannon Club   Gosford Street link
Shepherd and Shepherdess   Keresley Road link
Shire Horse   Caradoc Close link
Shoulder of Mutton   Allesley link
Shoulder of Mutton   Bailey Lane link
Shoulder of Mutton Inn   Old Church Road, Bell Green link
Shoulder of Mutton   Walsgrave-on-Sowe link
Sign of the Zodiac   Bishop Street link
Silver Sword   Trinity Street link
Sir Colin Campbell   122 Gosford Street link
Sir Robert Napier   Well Street link
Sir Thomas White   18 White Street link
Sky Blue   Coundon Green link
Smithfield Hotel   33 Hales Street link
South Gate Tavern   South Street link
Spires   Grayswood Avenue link
Spirit Vaults   1 Smithford Street link
Spirit Vaults   17 Smithford Street link
Spirit Vaults   35 Smithford Street link
Spirit Vaults   Cross Cheaping link
Spirit Vaults   Earl Street link
Spirit Vaults   Lower Ford Street link
Spirit Vaults   Spon Street link
Spirit Vaults   Trinity Church Side link
Spittlemoore Bar   Lower Ford Street link
Spittlemoore Inn   120 Lower Ford Street link
Spon Street Brewery & Liquor Vaults   48 Spon Street link
Sportsmans Arms Hotel   Birmingham Road, Allesley link
Spotted Dog   12 - 13 Bull Ring link
Spotted Dog   Sowe link
Spread Eagle   25 West Orchard link
Spread Eagle   Stoke link
Squirrel   Cow Lane link
Squirrel   31 Little Park Street link
Stag   Bishop Street link
Stag and Pheasant   13 Lockhurst Lane link
Stag and Pheasant   Thomas Street link
Standard Bearer   Santos Close link
Standard Hotel   Hockley Lane link
Star and Garter   39 Albert Street link
Star and Garter Inn   2 - 3 Bishop Street link
Star and Raven   Smithford Street link
Star Inn   Bayley Lane link
Star   71 Cox Street link
Star Vaults   Market street link
Stivichale Arms   Leamington Road link
Stivichall Arms   Earlsdon link
Stoneleigh Abbey   Hertford Street link
Store Inn   Earlsdon Avenue North link
Stores   Lower Ford Street link
Stork   Smithford Street link
Styvechale Arms   Kenpas Highway link
Styvechale Arms   Earlsdon link
Suave   Spon Street link
Sugar Loaf   Dead Lane link
Summerland Tavern   49 the Butts link
Sun Tavern   Derby Lane link
Sun Dial   34 Lord Street link
Sun   Jordan Well link
Sun   Spon Street link
Swan   Carpenters Lane link
Swan   Foleshill Heath link
Swan Inn   Spon Street link
Swan   Swanswell link
Swan with Two Necks   Jordan Well link
Swan with Two Necks   Spon Street link
Swan   7 Yardley Street link
Swanswell Cottage Inn   44 Leicester Street link
Swanswell Hotel   20 Hales Street link
Swanswell Mill   2 Saint Peters Street link
Swanswell Tavern   56 Swanswell Street, Hillfields link
Swanswell Tavern   White Street link
Sword and Mace   43 Earl Street link
Sword and Mace   Mill Lane link
Sydenham Palace Hotel   1 Lower Ford Street link
Syrcock's Tavern   unknown link

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