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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.
map of coventry 1937
Radford Hotel   290 Radford Road link
Rag and Louse   Eastern Green link
Raglan House   Flints Green link
Raglan Tavern   24 Raglan Street link
Railway Inn   13 Fleet Street link
Railway Inn and Spirit Vaults   49 Hertford Street link
Railway Hotel   Lockhurst Lane link
Railway Hotel   103 Warwick Road link
Rainbow   73 Birmingham Road, Allesley link
Rainbow   15 Cook Street link
Rainbow   Jordan Well link
Rainbow   Well Street link
Ram   Smithford Street link
Raven   Spon Street link
Rayes Inn   Much Park Street link
Recruiting Sergeant   Little Park Street link
Recruiting Sergeant   14 Spon Street link
Rectory   Grayswood Avenue link
Red Cow   Longford link
Red Horse   Barras Green link
Red Horse   Cook Street link
Red Horse   Greyfriars Lane link
Red Horse   Warwick Lane link
Red Horse Inn   87 Woodway Lane, Walsgrave on Sowe link
Red House   Sowe link
Red House   Stoke link
Red House   483 Stoney Stanton Road link
Red Lion   64 Greyfriars Lane link
Red Lion   Spon End link
Red Lion   Styvechale link
Red Lion Inn   Hinckley Road, Walsgrave link
Red Rose Inn   Much Park Street link
Red Square Vodka Bar   Jordan Well link
Reindeer   Harnall Row link
Reindeer   High Street link
Reindeer   47 Well Street link
Rest on the Hill   Wheelwright Lane /Roland Avenue link
Ring of Bells   ??? link
Ring of Bells   51 Yardley Street link
Rising Sun Inn   181 Spon Street link
Rising Sun   Bishop Street link
Robin Hood   18 Cox Street link
Robin Hood   Smithford Street link
Rocket   103 Warwick Road link
Rodney's Head   Much Park Street link
Roebuck   Little Park Street link
Roebuck   Spon End link
Rose and Crown   3 Burges link
Rose and Crown   163 Hall Green Road link
Rose and Crown   High Street link
Rose and Crown   Walsgrave Road link
Rose and Woodbine Inn   44 North Street, Stoke link
Rose and Woodbine   78 Stoney Stanton Road link
Rose   Brownshill Green, Allesley link
Rose   Burges link
Rose   Gosford Street link
Rose in June   Aldermans Green Road, Hall Green link
Rose   172 Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill link
Rose   Moat Street link
Rose   Mount Street, Chapelfields link
Rose Inn   35 Much Park Street link
Rose   5 and 6 Well Street link
Rose   West Orchard link
Rosie Malone's   Jordan Well link
Rosie O'Brian's   City Arcade link
Royal Albert   39 and 40 Gilbert Street link
Royal Court Hotel   Tamworth Road, Keresley link
Royal Hotel   60 Cross Cheaping link
Royal Exchange   2 and 3 Castle Street, Hillfields link
Royal Exchange   Hay Lane/Bayley Lane link
Royal Exchange   Smithford Street link
Royal George   Foleshill Heath link
Royal George   39 and 40 Gilbert Street link
Royal Hotel   314 Old Church Road link
Royal Oak   Oak Lane, Allesley link
Royal Oak   32 Earlsdon Street link
Royal Oak   Gosford Street link
Royal Oak   London Road, Whitley link
Royal Oak   629 Stoney Stanton Road link
Royal Sailor   Far Gosford Street link
Royal Sailor   25 Upper Well Street link
House of Widow Rushton   ??? link
Russell Arms   63 The Butts link
Rutland Arms   37 Bishop Street link

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