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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Hertford Tavern

Coventry Standard clipping from December 9th 1960



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1850 1868 BEERHOUSE, 20 Hertford Place
Did the name come from the Earls of Hertford ?

In 1840 an inquest took place at the hertford Arms, whilst in 1850 it was listed as the BEERHOUSE, Hertford Place.

The pub was rebuilt in 1939. It is said that for many years it was called the Hertford Arms and became the Tavern on its sale from Ind Coope to Ansells. On its rebuilding its cellar was found to be of 'great age'. In 1962 the surrounding houses had been demolished to make way for the Butts Radial Spur and for redevelopement. Yet the pub remained until 1986, when, Ansells having spent a fortune on the lounge of the nearby Hen and Chickens, decided that the Hertford was redundant.

It is now ironically a marriage guidance councilling centre.

Known Licensees at the BEERHOUSE are;
1851 - 1868 Ann Cox

Known Licensees at the HERTFORD ARMS are;
1871 - 1874 C. Felix Testot ( Tester )
1879 Mrs Lucy Testot
1881 C. F. Testot
1893 Eliza Phillips
1894 - 1905 J. G. Oldfield
1909 - 1924 James Oldham
1926 - 1927 F. Ward
1929 - 1936 W. E. Thornton
1937 - 1958 D. Cooke (see above)
to 1962 Cyril Bowns (see above, see also Lord Raglan, Foleshill Road and Swanswell Tavern, Swanswell Street))
1985 Paddy Swift
1985 Paddy J. Carey builder and glazier. Is this the Carey of Carey's club? Yes, it is Fred! He was in the right place at the right time... (Webmaster)

? Ind Coope
? Ansells

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Name From Earls of Hertford

1840 JA Inquest at Hertford Arms, Hertford Place.

1850 Lascelles See BEERHOUSE, Hertford Place.

Lascelles - Ann Cox, Beerhouse, Hertford Place

1851 Source 49 Board of Health Map

28.8.1878 LJ Vol 1 P45 HERTFORD TAVERN, Hertford Place Alehouse
Owner : Abraham Randall, Spon End
later Ind Coope & Co
Licensee Charles Felix Testot
17.4.1890 TOL to Eliza Phillips
7.12.1893 TOL to James George Oldfield

1939 Citypubs 21 Rebuilt

1962 Citypubs 21 A pub in Hertford Place, Coventry, which for many years was known as the Hertford Arms, is now known as the Hertford Tavern. Its name was corrected as the result of an examination of the deeds when it changed hands from Ind Coope to Ansells.

The history of the pub is unknown, but there are evidences in the cellar of its old age. In 1939 the brewery had it practically rebuilt. It seems a pity it may have to be demolished.

The houses around are empty and awaiting complete demolition by the Corporation to make way for modern developmenmt.

1977 WRAG1

1985 Pubsdrawl 140 Spartan, one-roomed pub withjust two pool tables to beak up the uncluttered surface of the tiled floor. To be closed in Feb 1986 as it is too close to the Hen & Chickens, where they've just spent a fortune.

1986 1000 Years Closed 1986


[ ( pub not named )

1851 Census Ann Cox 60 licensed victualler & 1d, 1 lodger, Hertford Place

1861 Census Ann Cox 70 victualler b Stoneleigh & 1s, 1 sons wife at

23.11.1868 Lantern Ann Cox Arms [ 1 Junction Street ( pub not named )

1871 Census Felix Tester

1874 C&B C. F. Testot

1878 LJ Vol 1 P45 Charles Felix Testot
1879 Stevens Mrs Lucy Testot

1881 C&B C. F. Testot
1890 LJ Vol 1 P45 Charles Felix Testot
1890 LJ Vol 1 P45 Eliza Phillips
1893 Reporter Eliza Phillips
1893 LJ Vol 1 P45 Eliza Phillips
1893 LJ Vol 1 P45 James George Oldfield
1894 R&G J. G. Oldfield

1896 R&G J. G. Oldfield
1898 LJ Vol 1 P45 James George Oldfield
1903 R&G J. G. Oldfield Arms

1905 R&G J. G. Oldfield

1909 R&G J. Oldham

1911/12 Spennell James Oldham

1912/13 Spennell James Oldham

1919 Spennell J. Oldham Arms Hotel

1921/22 Spennell J. Oldham " "

1924 P. James J. Oldham " "

1926/27 P. James F. Ward

1929 P. James W. E. Thornton

1931/32 P. James W. E. Thornton

1933/34 P. James W. E. Thornton

1935/36 P. James W. E. Thornton

1937/38 P. James G. Cooke

1939/40 P. James G. Cooke

1958 Citypubs 21 D. Cooke

to 1962 Citypubs Cyril Browns

to c1985 Pubscrawl 140 Paddy Swift

1985 Ansells Mr P. J. Carey Tennant

1985 Pubscrawl 140 Paddy Carey Builder & glazier


28.8.1878 LJ Vol 1 P45 Abraham Randall, Spon End
later LJ Vol 1 P45 Ind Coope & Co
1898 LJ Vol 1 P45 Ind Coope & Co
? Citypubs 21 Ansells.

? Citypubs 21 Ind Coope

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