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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Hertford Arms


A fire at the Odeon Cinema, Far Gosford Street in 1970. The Hertford Arms is next door on the right.

Did the name come from the Earls of Hertford? In 1835 and 1850 this was the BEERHOUSE, Far Gosford Street. On 27th August 1852 a license was granted to John Walker for the Hertford Arms.

In 1876 it was leased by Henry Bird from J. Walton for £24 per anum

It is described as two storey brick with a cornice, deep entablature and quions either side. A central doorway with pediment over door and windows and flanked by futed pilasters.
Known Licensees are;
1852 John Walker
1861 - 1879 Henry Bird
1881 - 1891 Hannah Bird
1893 - 1894 Henry Bird
1896 - 1896 John H. Rowe
1903 James T. martin
1905 - 1913 Edward Richard Warden
1919 - 1922 Mrs Sarah Warden
1924 - 1940 A. Dearden
1962 F. H. Ashton
1960's Stanley Wilson (see also New Inn, Craven Street)
1970 Reginald Close
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Name From Earls of Hertford ?

1835 See BEERHOUSE, Gosford Street

27.8.1852 JA16 CS License granted to John Walker for HERETFORD ARMS, Far Gosford Street.

2.12.1876 CR 101/8/913 Occupied by H. Bird, he leases it from J. Walton for £ 24 p.a.

28.8.1878 LJ Vol1 P4 Owner : James Welton, Rugby, later Brinklow
later Northampton Brewery Co Ltd
Licensee : Henry Bird
20.1.1881 TOL to Hannah Bird
4.12.1884 TOL to Henry Bird
28.2.1895 TOL to James Henry Rowe
1.2.1879 fined 2/6 for Sunday trading

c1920 Cov Cameos P9 Photo. NBC

CS1 Photo. NBC

? COOPP Photo 20

c1924 CWL P20 Photo

1976 FGS Watneys

1991 FGS Banks

FGS P19 116 Hertford Arms P.H.

Two storey, brick, with cornice, deep entablatures, quions either side. Central doorway, flanked by two windows either side in frames, using classical motif. Pediment over door and windows, flanked by fluted pilasters. Each window corresponds with a framed panel below. First floor: two casement windows with ribbed brick voussiors. Left-hand side: two storey, brick. Ground floor: two windows, flanking blocked, off-centre doorway. First floor: two dormer windows, flanking projecting central panel with recessed frame within. Windows within dormers project above eaves level. Both sides have plain-tiled roofs. Central brick chimney. Gable adjoining car park is gravel-dashed, possibly belonging to the adjacent building ( Scala Cinema ) which was demolished for the car park.


1852 JA16 CS John Walker

1861 Census Henry Bird 57 yo b Keresley
1863 FGS Henry Bird
1868 Buchanan Henry Bird
1871 Census Henry Bird 66 yo b Keresley m Hannah, 58 & 1s
1874 C&B Henry Bird
1878 LJ Vol1 P4 Henry Bird
1879 Stevens Henry Bird
1881 LJ Vol1 P4 Henry Bird

1881 LJ Vol1 P4 Hannah Bird
1881 C&B Hannah Bird
1884 LJ Vol1 P4 Hannah Bird

1884 LJ Vol1 P4 Henry Bird
1890/91 R&G Hannah Bird
1895 LJ Vol1 P4 Henry Bird

1895 LJ Vol1 P4 James Henry Rowe
1896 FGS John H. Rowe

1896 R&G J. H. Rowe
1898 LJ Vol1 P4 James Henry Rowe
1903 FGS James T. Martin

1903 R&G J. T. Martin

1905 R&G E. E. Warden

1907 FGS Edward Richard Warden

1909 R&G E. R. Warden

1911/12 Spennell Edward Richard Warden

1912/13 Spennell E. R. Warden

1919 Spennell Mrs Sarah Warden

1921/22 Spennell Mrs Sarah Warden

1924 P. James A. Dearden

1926/27 P. James A. Dearden

1929 P. James A. Dearden

1931/32 P. James A. Dearden

1933/34 P. James A. Dearden

1935/36 P. James A. Dearden

1937/38 P. James A. Dearden

1939/40 P. James A. Dearden

1962 FGS F. H. Ashton

1970 FGS Reginald Close


28.8.1878 LJ Vol1 P4 James Welton, Rugby, later Brinklow
later LJ Vol1 P4 Northampton Brewery Co Ltd

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