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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Hare and Hounds

This name is an obvious refernce to hunting. A Hare and Hounds is first mentioned in Gosford Street in the eighteenth century. However, by 1822 the Hare and Hounds in Gosford Street has gone and there is now one at 136 Far Gosford Street.

Far Gosford Street was the medaeval route eastwards out of the city. The building of Gosford gate and the city walls physically seperated the two parts of the street into Gosford and Far Gosford, but even before this the distinction had been made, first by the 'goose ford' across the river and stream, and then by the bridges built across in the thirteenth century. Far Gosford was one of Coventry's early suburbs, and did not become part of the City administratively until 1748. Did the pub in fact move, or as I suspect, was it just that the names Gosford Street and Far Gosford Street were not used particularly accurately at that time ?

The Hare and Hounds at Far Gosford Street was quite a large premises. For a number of years up to 1903 it was leased by Phillips and Marriotts from its owners who were the Bablake Charity trustees, for £66 per anum. In 1906 the pub moved, so that the old pub in Far Gosford Street is now two shops.

The Hare and Hounds moved up Bramble Street to the junction with Gulson Road. I have been unable to establish why it moved, but my guess is as follows. In 1902 Brick Kiln Lane (now Gulson Road) was extended to Gosford Green and by 1905 Bramble Street had been lain out, soon followed by Vecqueray Street. Since there were many pubs in the Gosford Street / Far Gosford Street area at this time the magistrates would be looking to reduce the number on the grounds of redundancy. So the licence of the Hare and Hounds would have been transferred to the new estate, albeit only at the opposite end of the same road.

Whatever the reason it moved to the corner of Bramble Street and Gulson Road, where it remained until 1940, when it received a direct hit by a bomb and for many years was a wooden hut. After the war the present brick and concrete box was built by Mitchells and Butlers. In 2006 it closed and became a small supermarket.

1822 - 1823 J. Johnson
1835 Richard Hopkins
1850 - 1851 Richard Cowley
1868 - 1872 James Pegg
1872 Thomas Smith
1874 J. B. Hickley
1879 John Warden
1881 - 1891 Thomas Smith
1893 William Jones
1894 William Turner
1896 - 1900 James Richard Mann
1901 - 1909 Joseph Raven
1911 - 1912 Mrs C. Tulley
1912 - 1913 G. Haskins
1919 - 1929 George Bidnell
1931 - 1932 R. J. Porter
1933 - 1938 Frank Allen
1939 - 1940 F. Rollason

1903 General Charities Trustees, Bablake, Coventry

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Dict PN A reference to hunting

Lost Pubs No 4

1790 BSL But surely this was in Bishop Street ?

1851 Source 49 Board of Health Map ( not on corner ! )

3.5.1872 JA63 Transfer of license from James Pegg to Thomas Smith

28.8.1878 LJ Vol 1 P26 HARE AND HOUNDS, Far Gosford Street Alehouse
Owner : William Ratliff, Coventry
later General Charities Trustees
Licensee : Henry Kimberley
12.12.1878 TOL to Sarah Ann Brown
10.7.1879 TOL to John Warden jnr
11.12.1879 TOL to George Pickering jnr
22.1.1880 TOL to William Smith
21.1.1881 TOL to Thomas Smith
31.7.1890 TOL to George Camwell
3.3.1892 TOL to William Jones
17.3.1894 TOL to William Turner
5.12.1895 TOL to James Richard Mann
1.6.1874 fined 20/- & costs permitting drunkenness
9.7.1883 fined 10/- & costs for opening house
12.6.1890 fined £ 5 & costs for keeping open

1887 COC P56 Cov Times Inn signs

? P&M PR Leased by Phillips & Marriott from the General Charities Trustees, Clerk J.Herbert, Bablake, Coventry, for £ 66 p.a.

25.2.1903 P&M PR Phillips & Marriott lease lapses.

{ Source 10 & 11 } Situate on the corner of Bramble Street and Far Gosford Street

1905 { R&G }

c1906 Closed. Moved to 85 Gulson Road

1907 JA34 Opened on corner of Bramble Street and Gulson Road

1906 OS Map

1906 FGS P3 Map

1979 WRAG2

1982 WRAG3 Disco on Thursday nights. popular pub in inner city district.

1985 CCRAG A strange modern pub which is a lot beyyer than it looks. A basic bar and a modern lounge with a tiled bar canopy.

1985 Pubscrawl 124 It may be a fairly ordinary red brick building on the corner of Gulson Road and Bramble Street, but Mitchells and Butlers has milked the Hare and Hounds name for all its worth.

The lounge is callede ' The Covert ' ( rough translation - a clump of

trees ). Its all mock beams and clotted cream walls, pictures of hounds, a few ancient agricultural implements strewn about the walls, and ornate lamps decorated withfoxes and wild boar over the bar.

The bar would rate nicotine brown on the dulux colour chart. Not neccessarily a bad thing in a pub, but in this case its just a drab and run-down room.

.......when the Hare and Hounds was a sort of shack imported ' some place up the town ' when the original building was flattened in the blitz.

2006 Closed

22.11.2010 Source 26 Closed and had become a small supermarket


1822/23 Pigot J. Johnson

1835 Pigot Richard Hopkins

1850 CS William Cowley

1851 Census William Cowley 30 yo b Deddington, Oxf m Ann, 28 & 1s

1868 Buchanan J. Pegg

23.11.1868 Lantern James Pegg

1872 JA63 James Pegg

1872 JA63 Thomas Smith

1874 C&B J. B. Hickley
1878 LJ Vol 1 P26 Henry Kimberley
1878 LJ Vol 1 P26 Sarah Ann Brown
1879 LJ Vol 1 P26 Sarah Ann Brown
1879 LJ Vol 1 P26 John Warden jnr
1879 Stevens John Warden
1879 LJ Vol 1 P26 George Pickering jnr
1880 LJ Vol 1 P26 George Pickering jnr
1880 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Smith
1881 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Smith
1881 LJ Vol 1 P26 Thomas Smith
1881 C&B Thomas Smith

1886 C&B Thomas Smith

1890/91 R&G Thomas Smith
1890 LJ Vol 1 P26 Thomas Smith
1890 LJ Vol 1 P26 George Camwell
1892 LJ Vol 1 P26 George Camwell
1892 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Jones
1893 Reporter William Jones
1894 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Jones
1894 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Turner
1894 R&G William Turner
1895 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Turner
1895 LJ Vol 1 P26 James Richard Mann
1896 R&G J. R. Mann
1898 LJ Vol 1 P26 James Richard Mann
9.3.1900 P&M PR James Richard Mann

1.4.1901 P&M PR Joseph Raven

1903 R&G Joseph Raven

1905 R&G Joseph Raven

1909 R&G Joseph Raven Gulson Road and Bramble Street

1911/12 Spennell Mrs C. Tulley

1912/13 Spennell G. Haskins

1919 Spennell George Bidnell

1921/22 Spennell George Bidnell

1924 P. James George Bidnell

1926/27 P. James George Bidnell

1929 P. James George Bidnell

1931/32 P. James R. J. Porter

1933/34 P. James Frank Allen

1935/36 P. James Frank Allen

1937/38 P. James Frank Allen

1939/40 P. James F. Rollason

1966 Barrett


1878 LJ Vol 1 P26 William Ratliff, Coventry
later LJ Vol 1 P26 General Charities Trustees
1898 LJ Vol 1 P26 General Charities Trustees
to 1903 P&M PR General Charities Trustees, Bablake, Coventry.

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