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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion is a popular sign, referring heraldically to Henry I or to the Percys, Dukes of Northumberland.

Until 1867 this was the CROWN, High Street, Hillfields. Is this the same pub as the GOLDEN LION, High Street ? In 1928 the license was removed to the Queen in Primrose Hill Street. Perhaps this was to allow modernisation or rebuilding of the Queen. By 1931 the property was a general dealer's shop.

The Golden Lion does not appear on the City planning map of 1888 above, or subsequent later maps. The only public houses shown on Castle Street are the ROYAL EXCHANGE at No's.2 and 3, the ELEPHANT AND CASTLE at No.23 and the HARE AND HOUNDS at No.60. If our information is correct and the numbering of buildings remain consistent, the pub should have been situated within the circle on the map, at No.41 or 43. Since it traded for some 54 years it should have turned up on one of the maps!
Known Licensees are;
1874 C. Barnacle
1879 - 1881 William Gaydon
1886 W. Frankton
1890 - 1893 T. H. Cluff
1894 - 1896 William Parker
1903 Harry Kirk
1905 Oliver Taylor
1909 Harry Kirk
1911 - 1912 Mrs S. A. Kirk
1912 - 1913 J. A. Wassall
1919 Harry Powney
1921 - 1922 J. W. Shortley
1924 - 1929 H. Hirons

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Dict PN A popular sign referring heraldically to Henry I, or to the Dukes of Northumberland, the Percys.

before 1867 JA54 See CROWN, High Street, Hillfields

28.8.1878 LJ Vol 1 P19 GOLDEN LION, Castle Street Alehouse
Owner : Henry Willford, Smithford Street, Coventry
later Marston & Co, Burton on Trent
Licensee William Gaydon
? Louis Samuel Bayliss
24.4.1884 TOL to Henry Willford
5.11.1885 TOL to William Frankton
3.11.1887 TOL to Thomas Charles Cluff
1.5.1893 TOL to Samuel Rollason
12.4.1894 TOL to William Parker
29.7.1897 TOL to John Robert Higgitt
23.6.1898 TOL to Edward Pountney
27.10.1898 TOL to Harry Kirk

1927 Police Queen, Primrose Hill Street, closed in consideration of permission to remove the GOLDEN LION, Castle Street.

1928 Police License removed to the Queen, Primrose Hill Street


1871 Census Jesse Shepperd
1874 C&B C. Barnacle
1878 LJ Vol 1 P19 William Gaydon
1879 Stevens William Gaydon

1881 C&B W. Gayden
? LJ Vol 1 P19 Louis Samuel Bayliss
1884 LJ Vol 1 P19 Henry Willford
1885 LJ Vol 1 P19 Henry Willford
1885 LJ Vol 1 P19 William Frankton
1886 C&B W. Frankton
1887 LJ Vol 1 P19 William Frankton
1887 LJ Vol 1 P19 Thomas Charles Cluff
1890/91 R&G T. H. Cluff

1893 Reporter T. H. Cluff
1893 LJ Vol 1 P19 Thomas Charles Cluff
1893 LJ Vol 1 P19 Samuel Rollason
1894 LJ Vol 1 P19 Samuel Rollason
1894 LJ Vol 1 P19 William Parker
1894 R&G William Parker

1896 R&G William Parker
1897 R&G William Parker
1897 LJ Vol 1 P19 John Robert Higgitt
1898 LJ Vol 1 P19 John Robert Higgitt
1898 LJ Vol 1 P19 Edward Pountney
1898 LJ Vol 1 P19 Harry Kirk
1903 R&G Harry Kirk

1905 R&G Oliver Taylor

1909 R&G Harry Kirk

1911/12 Spennell Mrs S. A. Kirk

1912/13 Spennell J. A. Wassall

1919 Spennell Harry Powney

1921/22 Spennell J. W. Shortley

1924 P. James H. Hirons

1926/27 P. James H. Hirons

1929 P. James H. Hirons

1931/32 P. James Licensee not named
41-43 W. Jackson, General Dealer - no pub


1878 LJ Vol 1 P19 Henry Willford, Smithford Street, Coventry
later LJ Vol 1 P19 Marston & Co, Burton on Trent

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