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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.
map of coventry 1937
Garibaldi   31 Silver Street link
Garrick and Shakespeare   Much Park Street link
Gas Tavern   26 Gas Street link
Gate Tavern   10 and 11 Howard Street *** link
Gate House Tavern   Hill Street link
General Blakeney Inn   Gosford Street link
General Havelock   Jordan Well link
General Lee   65 Hertford Street link
General Wolfe   Foleshill Road link
George and Dragon   35 Cow Lane link
George and Dragon   Far Gosford Street link
George and Dragon   Little Park Street link
George Inn   Fleet Street link
George   Near Gosford Bars link
George I   16 Fleet Street link
George in the Tree   119 Gosford Street link
George IV   16 Fleet Street link
George Inn   99 Little Park Street link
George Hotel   30 and 31 Yardley Street link
Glade   Middle Ride link
Globe Inn   23 Albion Street link
Glaziers Arms   Well Street link
Globe Inn   23 Albion Street link
Globe   103 Much Park Street link
Globe   Radford link
Globe   15 and 16 Well Street link
Gloucester Arms   57 Stoney Stanton Road link
Godiva   Bond Street link
Godiva   13 Bull Ring link
Godiva   56 Smithford Street link
Golden Ball   35 Bishop Street link
Golden Ball   Much Park Street link
Golden Cross   8 Hay Lane link
Golden Cup   35 Far Gosford Street link
Golden Eagle Inn   178 Foleshill Road link
Golden Fleece Inn   305 to 307 Armfield Road link
Golden Hart   Little Park Street link
Golden Horse Inn   Bayley Lane link
Golden Horse   Earl Street link
Golden Horse   46 Smith Street link
Golden Horse   43 Warwick Lane link
Golden Lion   9 Bull Ring link
Golden Lion   41 Castle Street, Hillfields link
Golden Lion   High Street link
Golden Lion Inn   Warwick Lane link
Gosford Park Hotel   1 Northfield Road link
Graduates   Jordan Well link
Granby Arms   Spon Street link
Grange Hotel   Alfall Road link
Grapes   Butts link
Grapes   Cross Cheaping link
Grapes Hotel   Radford Road link
Grapes   27 Warwick Lane link
Graziers Arms   5 Well Street link
Great Mogul   Little Park Street link
Green Dragon   Foleshill Road link
Green Dragon   122 and 123 Much Park Street link
Green Dragon   Smithford Street link
Green Man   Hall Green Road, Foleshill link
Green Man   London Road link
Green Man   145 Much Park Street *** link
Green Room   Spon Street link
Greyfriars Inn   65 Greyfriars Lane link
Greyhound   Gosford Street link
Greyhound   118 Much Park Street link
Greyhound   20 Sutton Stop link
Griffin   Gosford Street link
Griffin   140 Longford Road, Longford link
Updated 25 Jan 2015 *** means unsolved cases. Can you help?

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