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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Coombe Abbey Inn



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1850 and 1879 BEERHOUSE
1850 present COOMBE ABBEY INN
Chapelfields was laid out on land belonging to Sir Thomas White's charity. Among the trustees of the charity at that time was the Earl of Craven who owned Coombe Abbey on the opposite side of the city.

To 1850 this was the BEERHOUSE, 21 Craven Street, and on 11th October 1850 the Coombe Abbey Inn opened, with the licensee being Samuel Gibbs. To 1899 it was owned by Ratliff and on Phillips & Marriotts' take-over in 1899 it was valued at £1200 including an adjoining cottage. In 1931 it advertised 'Prime ales and stouts. Finest brands in wines and spirits'.

Known Licensees at the BEERHOUSE are;
1850 Samuel Gibbs
1879 John Yardley

Known Licensees at the COOMBE ABBEY INN are;
1850 - 1851 Samuel Gibbs
1861 - 1868 Mrs. Charlotte Soden
1871 William J.. Rain watchmaker
1874 - 1881 John Yardley, jeweller
1886 - 1893 James Bates
1894 - 1905 Edwin Wells
1905 - 1929 Mrs. E. Wells
1931 Thomas Pointer (see earlier at Humber Hotel in 1929)
1933 - 1934 L. Dutton
1937 - 1962 Ernest J. Gough
1963 - 1967 Wally Haydon (see later at the Earlsdon Cottage)
John Herbert (see also Summerland Tavern, Hastings Tavern)
1977 - 1982 Ken and Theresa McKay (see below)

1871 Charlotte Holt
1871 Charles Holt
1874 - 1899 William Ratliff
1899 Phillips & Marriott
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Name Chapelfields was laid out on land belonging to Sir Thomas White's Charity. Amongst the trustees of the charity at the time was the Earl of Craven, who owned Coombe Abbey, on the opposite side of the city.

11.10.1850 JA16 CS Coombe Abbey Inn, Craven Street, opened. Licensee Samuel Gibbs

11.10.1850 JA141 CS A victuallers license was granted to Samuel Gibbs, keeper of a beerhouse known by the sign of the Coombe Abbey in Chapel-field. The case had been adjourned in consequence of his application not being signed by the Minister or Churchwardens of the parish of St Thomas or any number of the inhabitants in the immediate neighbourhood; but as he now produced a paper properly signed, the license was granted

1851 Source 49 Board of Health Map

28.8.1878 LJ Vol 1 P52 COOMBE ABBEY, Craven Street Alehouse
Owner : William Ratliff, Coventry
Licensee : John Yardley
1.6.1882 TOL to Selina Yardley
1.11.1883 TOL to James Bates
26.7.1894 TOL to Edward Wells
20.10.1897 fined 10/- & costs 11/6 or 14 days for keeping open

1879 See BEERHOUSE, Craven Street

1887 COC Cov Times Inn signs

to 1899 P&M PR Owned by Ratliff

from 1899 P&M PR Owned by Phillips & Marriott

30.9.1899 P&M PR Value £ 1200 ( incl. adjoining cottages )

c1907 E&CE P80 Photo

1931 P. James ' Prime ales and stouts. Finest brands in wines and spirits '

1977 WRAG1

1979 WRAG2 A local with good beer

1982 WRAG3 Popularoldpub in good drinking area

2015 News 2-79 Coombe Abbey pub, Craven Street.
An application has been submitted for the internal remodelling of the pub,alterartions to the front and a rear extension to form a restaurant and bar on the ground floor with guest accommodation above, The rear extension would be for a large new kitchen and on the first and second floor there would be 15 bedrooms, most with en suite facilities. Several objections have been submitted from residents.


1850 JA16 CS Samuel Gibbs

1851 Census Samuel Gibbs 32 yo watch finisher journeyman m Hannah, 39

1861 Census Charlotte Soden

1868 Buchanan Mrs C. Soden

23.11.1868 Lantern Charlotte Soden

1871 Census William J. Rain 35 yo watchmaker jeweller innkeeper b Coventry

1874 C&B J. Yardley [ m Mary A., 38 & 2d, 1s, 1 servant
1878 LJ Vol 1 P52 John Yardley
1879 Stevens John Yardley

1881 C&B J. Yardley
1882 LJ Vol 1 P52 John Yardley
1882 LJ Vol 1 P52 Selina Yardley
1883 LJ Vol 1 P52 Selina Yardley
1883 LJ Vol 1 P52 James Bates
1886 C&B James Bates

1890/91 R&G James Bates

1893 Reporter James Bates
1894 LJ Vol 1 P52 James Bates
1894 LJ Vol 1 P52 Edward Wells
1894 R&G E. Wells

1896 R&G E. Wells

1898 LJ Vol 1 P52 Edward Wells
9.3.1900 P&M PR Edwin Wells

1903 R&G E. Wells

1905 R&G E. Wells

12.3.1905 P&M PR Eliza Wells

1909 R&G Mrs E. Wells

1.6.1910 P&M PR Eliza Wells new agreement

1911/12 Spennell Mrs E. Wells

1912/13 Spennell Mrs E. Wells

1929 P. James E. Wells

1931/32 P. James Thomas Pointer late of Humber Hotel

1933/34 P. James L. Dutton

1935/36 P. James Licensee not named

1937/38 P. James E. J. Gough

1939/40 P. James E. J. Gough

1955/56 Barrett Ernest J. Gough

1957 Barrett Ernest J. Gough

1960 Barrett E. J. Gough

1961 Barrett E. J. Gough

1962 Barrett E. J. Gough

1963 Lee website Wally Haydon

1966 Barrett
1967 Lee website Wally Haydon

1982 Pubscrawl 7 Ken & Theresa McKay


6.8.1874 JA40 D The Coombe Abbey and a messuage adjoining in Craven Street, Chapelfields

30.12.1871 JA40 D Charlotte Holt conveyed the premises to Charles Holt ( accountant )

19.7.1872 JA40 D Charles Holt petitioned for bankruptcy

11.3.1874 JA40 D Creditors appointed as trustee of estate Edward Thomas peirson ( Coventry, accountant )

13.5.1874 JA40 D Coombe Abbey sold to William Ratliff for £ 445

Lots 63 & 64 fronting east side of Craven Street which -

Sir Thomas Whites Charity Trustees sold to

William Henry Hill ( watchmaker ), James Marriott ( builder ) and Joseph Olorenshaw

Occupied successively by

Joseph Grooms

Jonathan Holt

Charles Holt senior

With two messuages which J. Grooms had built thereon, one lately occupied by him, then becoming the Coombe Abbey

1878 LJ Vol 1 P52 William Ratliff, Coventry
to 1899 P&M PR Ratliff

from 1899 P&M PR Phillips & Marriott

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