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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.
map of coventry 1937
Caludon Inn   St. Austell Road link
Canal Boat   Bedworth Road link
Canal Tavern   5 Leicester Road link
Canteen   Barrack Yard link
Canterbury Arms   20 Lower Ford Street link
Cardinals Hat   Earl Street link
Carney's   Longford Road link
Cassidys   High Street link
Castle   21 Bond Street link
Castle Inn   8 Broadgate link
Castle   Gosford Street link
Castle Grounds   7 Little Park Street link
Castle Tavern   High Street link
Castle   51 Castle Street, Hillfields link
Castle Inn   1 King Street link
Castle   7 Little Park Street link
Castle Vaults   18/19 Market Street link
Castle Vaults   Silver Street link
Cat and Bagpipes   without Well Street Gate link
Cedars Inn   Barker Butts Lane link
Chace   London Road link
Charterhouse Hotel   79 Terry Road link
Chase   Gosford Street link
Chauntry Tavern   20 Chauntry Place link
Checkers   Dead Lane link
Chequers   The Farmstead, Stoke Aldemoor link
Chequers   Foleshill link
Chequers   Gosford Street link
Chequers   34 - 35 Little Park Street link
Chequers   Spon Street link
Chestnut   Lismore Croft, Walsgrave On Sowe link
Chestnut Tree   Craven Street link
Cheylesmore inn   Daventry Road link
Cheylesmore inn   60 Greyfriars Road link
Chicken   Bull Ring link
Churchills   Abbey Road, Whitley link
City Arms   1 Cross Cheaping link
City Arms   1 Earlsdon Street link
City Arms Hotel   34 - 35 Fleet Street link
City Arms   Smithford Way link
City Centre Pub   Silver Street link
City Hotel and Restaurant   1 Broadgate link
City Mill Inn   138 Cox Street link
City Vaults   9 Smithford Street link
Clarence Inn   173 Earlsdon Avenue North link
Clarence Hotel   9 Smithford Street link
Clarendon Arms   42 Bailey Lane link
Climax   City Arcade link
Coach and Horses   Longford Road link
Coach and Horses   37 Much Park Street link
Coach and Horses   Thomas Street link
Coachmakers Arms   39 and 40 Gilbert Street link
Coachmakers Arms   64 Thomas Street link
Cock   Derby Lane link
Cock   48 Jordan Well link
Cock   Radford Road link
Cock   15 and 16 Spon End link
Cock   Hawkesbury Lane, Walsgrave link
Cocked Hat   Brandon Road link
Codrington Arms   Radford Road link
Colin Campbell   Gosford Street link
Commercial   Broadgate link
Compasses   17 Thomas Street link
Convoy   Penny Park Lane link
Coombe Abbey Inn   21 Craven Street link
Coombe Court   Brandon Road link
Cottage and Rainbow   26 Jordan Well link
Cottage   44 Leicester Street link
Cottage   15 and 16 St Johns Street link
Cotton Spinners Arms   Drapers Field link
Coundon Hotel   Barker Butts Lane link
Court House Inn   Blackberry Lane link
Courtyard   High Street link
Coventry Arms   1 Smithford Street link
Coventry Arms   Quorn Way link
Coventry Cross   29 Cross Cheaping link
Coventry Cross Tavern   Bishop Street link
Coventry Oak   Ansty Road link
Craftsman   Beake Avenue link
Cranes Inn   1 Leicester Street link
Craven Arms   Brinklow Road link
Craven Arms   Craven Street, Chapelfields link
Craven Arms   High Street link
Craven Arms   89 Woodway Lane link
Cricketers Arms   145 Far Gosford Street link
Criterion Vaults   52 and 53 Cross Cheaping link
Cross and Hand   Stivichale Lane*** link
Cross Cheaping Vaults   37 Cross Cheaping link
Cross Guns   Bayley Lane link
Cross Guns   Cross Cheaping link
Cross Guns   Spon Street link
Cross Keys   16 Earl Street link
Cross Keys   New Buildings link
Cross Keys   Smithford Street link
Crow in the Oak   151 Lockhurst Lane link
Crown and Anchor   Bishop Street link
Crown and Anchor   Much Park Street link
Crown and Anchor   Spon Street link
Crown and Fleur de Lis   Smithford Street link
Crown   Bayley Lane link
Crown   Bell Green link
Crown Inn   71 and 73 Broad Street link
Crown   Broadgate link
Crown   Cook Street link
Crown Inn   Cuckoo Lane link
Crown   Earl Street link
Crown   Windmill Lane, Foleshill link
Crown Inn   High Street link
Crown   High Street, Hillfields link
Crown Hotel   96 King William Street link
Crown   Muchford Street link
Crown   Hawkesbury Lane, Sowe link
Crown   Willenhall link
Crystal Palace Inn   3A The Burges link
Cup   Far Gosford Street link
Cyrcocks Tavern   next to The Guildhall link
Updated 25 Jan 2015 *** means unsolved cases. Can you help?

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