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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.

The Board Vaults


Cross Cheaping and Burges 1938

Board means 'to board intoxicating liquor'. In some cases the need for a premises to have 'a board' , that is a sign board, suggested this name as some places did in fact display a blank board. However, in this case, the Board identified a person sellling beer from their home; in other words a beerhouse under the 1839 Beerhouse Act, the real origin of the 'public house'.

The directory entries for 1931 to 1934 proclaim 'Ernest Hall, late of Coventry City F.C., noted for the best in ales, wines and spirits'.

These premises closed in c1936
Known licensees for the BOARD VAULTS are
1850 - 1861 William Moon Wine & spirit dealer
1868 Thomas H. Spencer
1874 M. H. Spencer
1879 - 1886 Benjamin Oldfield
1890 - 1891 C. H. Laxton
1893 W. Owen
1894 Mrs F. L. Chatland
1896 W. F. Lane
1903 - 1905 Matthew G. Davis
1909 T. J. Kelly
1911 - 1912 Thomas Essex
1912 - 1913 Mrs A. Essex
1919 William Henry Yates
1921 - 1924 D. Marlow
1926 - 1927 T. L. Silvester
1929 - 1934 Ernest Hall
1935 - 1936 H. R. Rollins

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Beer July 2008 P9 The Board identified a person selling beer form their home - the first ( Whats Brewing Supplement ) public house - as in the 1839 Beerhouse Act

Dict PN Means ' to board intoxicating liquor '. In some cases the need for an inn to have ' a board ' suggested the name, since some inns did in fact display a blank board.


28.8.1878 LJ Vol1 P34 BOARD, Cross Cheaping Alehouse
Owner : Trustees of Bablake School
lessees Ind Coope & Co
Licensee : Benjamin Oldfield
28.1.1888 TOL to George Howard Laxton
26.6.1891 TOL to William Owen
1.3.1894 TOL to Frances Lavinia Chatland

1881 CBH P 98 LAXTON & SIMMONS ( Bicycles )
Britannia Works, Jordan Well & Much Park Street
Laxton later went on to run ' The Vaults ' public house at Cross Cheaping.

George Howard Laxton ( b 1857 ), apperenticed under his father, the watch manufacturer William Laxton, at the Butts, Coventry.

1912, 1920 & 1931 JA EXCHANGE VAULTS

1929 - 1934 P. James Ernest Hall late of Coventry City F.C. noted for the best in ales, wines and spirits.

c1936 Closed


1850 CS William Moon Spirit Vaults

1861 Census William Moon 53 yo wine & spirit dealer, 37 Cross Cheaping [ premises not named b West Meon unmarried & 1 niece, 2 servants

1868 Buchanan Thomas H. Spencer Board

23.1.1868 Lantern Thomas Spencer Vaults

1874 C&B M. H. Spencer Spirit Vaults

1878 LJ Vol1 P34 Benjamin Oldfield Board
1879 Stevens Benjamin Oldfield Wine & Spirit Stores

1881 C&B B. Oldfield Spirit Vaults

1886 C&B Ben Oldfield Board
1888 LJ Vol1 P34 Benjamin Oldfield Board
1888 LJ Vol1 P34 George Howard Laxton Board
1890/91 R&G C. H. Laxton Board

? CBH P98 George Howard Laxton Vaults
1891 LJ Vol1 P34 George Howard Laxton Board
1891 LJ Vol1 P34 William Owen Board
1893 Reporter W. Owen Cross Cheaping Vaults

1894 R&G Mrs F. L. Chatland Board
1894 LJ Vol1 P34 Frances Lavinia Chatland Board
1896 R&G W. F. Lane Board & Royal Hotel C/C
1898 LJ Vol1 P34 Frances Lavinia Chatland Board
1903 R&G Matthew G. Davis Board

1905 R&G Matthew G. Davis "

1909 R&G T. J. Kelly "

1911/12 Spennell Thomas Essex Cross Cheaping Vaults

1912/13 Spennell Mrs A. Essex " " "

1919 Spennell William Henry Yates " " "

1921/22 Spennell D. Marlow " " "

1924 P. James D. Marlow " " "

1926/27 P. James T. L. Silvester " " "

1929 P. James Ernest Hall Board Vaults

1931/32 P. James Ernest Hall " "

1933/34 P. James Ernest Hall " "

1935/36 P. James Ernest Hall " "


1878 LJ Vol1 P34 Trustees of Bablake School
1898 LJ Vol1 P34 Trustees of Bablake School

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