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Here is what we think is the only comprehensive record of pubs and beerhouses within the Coventry city boundaries going back as far as available records allow. This is an ongoing project so contributions, corrections or additions to this archive, especially anecdotes, photos and media are most welcome. Feel free to contact us for a pint and a chat anytime.
map of coventry 1937
Bablake Boy   Cow Lane link
Bakers Arms   Spon Street link
Ball   Walsgrave Road link
Ball Inn   Bishop Street link
Bantam Hotel   Hen Lane link
Bar Eden   Hill Street link
Bar Zest   ?*** link
Barley Corn   Partings of the Heath link
Barley Mow   Derby Lane link
Barley Mow   Gosford Street link
Barley Mow   Leicester Street link
Barnaby's   Ansty Road link
Barras House Hotel   Swancroft Road link
Barrell   Hertford Street link
Bath   Palmer Lane link
Bath Hotel   35 Smithford Street link
Bayleys   Bayley Lane link
Bear and Bacchus   Stoney Stanton Road link
Bear and Boy   High Street*** link
Bear   High Street link
Bear   Leicester Road *** link
Bear   St James Lane link
Bear and Staff   Princethorpe Way link
Beechwood Hotel   Sandpits Lane link
Beehive   Tower Street link
Beer Engine   Far Gosford Street link
Belgrade Theatre Bar   Corporation Street link
Bell and Crown   High Street link
Bell   Bennetts Road link
Bell   Broadgate link
Bell   Gosford Street link
Bell   Greyfriars Lane link
Bell   Hay Lane link
Bell   Much Park Street link
Bell   Old Church Road link
Bell   Station Avenue link
Berkswell Tavern   Spon End link
Bier Kellar   Hertford Street link
Biggin Hall Hotel   Binley Road link
Binley Hotel   Willenhall Lane link
Binley Oak   Paynes Lane link
Binley Park   Brinklow Road link
Bird in Hand   Aldermans Green link
Bird in Hand   Cook Street link
Bird in Hand   Little Park Street link
Bishop Blaize   Gosford Street link
Black Bear Inn   Much Park Street link
Black Bear Inn   58-59 Smithford Street link
Black Boy   Bishop Street link
Black Bull   Smithford Street link
Black Dog   Cook Street link
Black Dog   Whitefriars Street link
Black Dog   Whitley link
Black Dove   Whitefriars Street link
Black Horse Inn   Carpenters Lane link
Black Horse   Little Park Street link
Black Horse Inn   Much Park Street link
Black Horse Inn   Smithford Street link
Black Horse   Spon End link
Black Lion   Gosford Street link
Black Lion   High Street link
Black Moors Head   Derby Lane link
Black Prince Inn   Jardine Crescent link
Black Prince   Market Street link
Black Prince   Much Park Street link
Black Swan   7 Yardley Street link
Black Swan   Spon Street link
Blackamoors Head   Derby Lane link
Blacksmiths Arms   *** link
Blue Balls   St Johns Bridge link
Blue Bell   Derby Lane link
Blue Pig   Gosford Street link
Bluebell   Greyfriars Lane link
Boadicea   Market Place link
Board   Broadgate link
Board   Butcher Row link
Board   37 Cross Cheaping link
Board   52 Cross Cheaping link
Board   59 Cross Cheaping link
Board   60 Cross Cheaping link
Board   80 Cross Cheaping link
Board   Earl Street link
Board   Hales Street link
Board   Hertford Street link
Board   High Street A link
Board   High Street B link
Board   29 High Street link
Board Liquor Vaults   35 Smithford Street link
Board   1 Lower Ford Street link
Board   14 Market Place link
Board   Pepper Lane link
Board   Priory Row link
Board   Smithford Street link
Board   1 Smithford Street link
Board   9 Smithford Street link
Board   17 Smithford Street link
Board   35 Smithford Street link
Board   16 Spon Street link
Board   48 Spon Street link
Board   75 Spon Street link
Board   Swanswell link
Board Vaults   37 Cross Cheaping link
Board Vaults   16 - 17 Hertford Street link
Board Vaults   2 - 4 Lower Ford Street link
Board Vaults   20 Lower Ford Street link
Board Vaults   Pepper Lane link
Board Vaults   17 Smithford Street link
Boat   Broad Street link
Boat   Grange Road link
Boat Inn   Shilton Lane link
Bostons Sports Bar   Far Gosford Street link
Bowling Green   Bishop Street link
Bowling Green   Harnall Lane East link
Bowling Green   Moor Street link
Bowling Green   Palmer Lane link
Bowling Green   Radford link
Bowling Green   Spon Street link
Brewer and Baker   South Street link
Brewers Arms   Craven Street link
Brewers Arms   Bond Street link
Brewers   Cross Cheaping link
Brewery Tap   Bishop Street link
Bricklayers Arms   Cromwell Street link
Bricklayers Arms   Days Lane link
Bricklayers Arms   Foleshill Road link
Bricklayers Arms   Primrose Hill Street link
Brighton Arms   *** link
Brutannia   New Street link
Britannia Vaults   Fleet Street link
British Queen   St Johns Street link
Brooklands Hotel   Kingsbury Road link
Broomfield Tavern   Broomfield Place link
Browns   Jordan Well link
Buck   Little Park Street link
Buck and Bull   Radford link
Buck and Crown   Bond Street link
Buck and Crown   Radford Road link
Buffalo's Head   High Street link
Bug and Black Bat   City Arcade link
Bugle   Gosford Street link
Bull   Smithford Street link
Bull   Warwick Lane link
Bull and Anchor   Bishop Street link
Bull and Butcher   Much Park Street link
Bull and Dog   Much Park Street link
Bullfield Inn   Moat Street link
Bulls Head   Binley Road link
Bulls Head   Bishop Street link
Bulls Head and Anchor   Bishop Street link
Bunch of Flowers   East Street link
Bunters   Walsgrave Road link
Burnt Post   Kenpas Highway link
Butchers Arms   New Buildings link
Button Top   Canley Road link
Butts Retreat   The Butts link
Updated 25 Jan 2015 *** means unsolved cases. Can you help?

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